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Here is my dilemma; I feel like my multiple interests, passions and education are not accurately reflected in the “Registered Dietitian” (RD) title. I have an appreciation for holistic/complimentary medicine and community education, but am also intensely interested in public policy and clinical nutrition. I am an advocate (and consumer!) of sustainable, organic foods, non-toxic cleaning supplies and cosmetics, and have been actively involved in promoting clean, free public water, but all this doesn’t quite come through when I say I am a RD.

The term “Nutritionist” has a nice ring to it, and I suspect most people in the general public don’t really know the difference, but I embrace my years of schooling (we are talking Anatomy, Biochem and Advanced Nutrition not creative writing and sociology like the first go around) and months of evidenced-based clinical experience that have led to my being able to use RD after my name. Additionally, “Nutritionist” is not a regulated term and unfortunately many individuals sell themselves as experts with limited knowledge or experience of clinical dietetics.  That said there are certainly certified Nutritionists out there that are experts in the field.

What’s a girl to do…

Well for now I am sticking with calling myself a food NE/RD (Nutrition Educator and Registered Dietitian) and I wanted to share all that with you so you know where I am coming from.   Next post will be something less personal like a luscious recipe or some solid nutrition information…I promise!

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