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Have you ever noticed that alcoholic drinks don’t come with nutrition labels?  And did you know that alcohol has almost as many calories per  gram as french fry oil?  Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram making both of these choices more caloric than carbohydrates or protein which have 4 calories per gram.  Now imagine that eggnog or kahlua coffee which has both fat AND alcohol!  Not only in the alcohol caloric but so are the mixtures and then we haven’t even mentioned that slice of pizza you grabbed on your stumble home.

Not to be a buzz-kill but I think its important to get a sense of how many calories you are consuming this holiday season….so here it is…and a reminder, water is your friend and as with most things moderation is key.

Kcals for Alcoholic Drinks

Oh ya and Eggnog is 305 kcals for 4 oz- I think I’d rather eat Santa’s cookie with a glass of unsweetened vanilla soymilk….

Download the list here: Calories in Alcoholic Beverages

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